Puppi Insert Cuddly & Snuggly
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This is insert for the Puppi Wool cover.

You will not believe how thick and fuzzy these inserts feel! It is very durable and high quality fibers give it superior absorbency that absorbs moisture quickly & a luxurious feel with no toxic finishes. However, due to the stiffening of natural fibers after multiple washings, "Cuddly&Snuggly" inserts are recommended to those who have the possibility of drying them in a tumble dryer to keep them soft.

“Cuddly & Snuggly” inserts will be a great choice for those who need really high absorbency- these inserts absorb moisture very fast. Gives you maximum absorbency when you really need it- at night, during long walks or travelling. In situations as such we particularly recommend “Cuddly&Snuggly” long insert, “Cuddly&Snuggly” anatomical insert or combining two standard inserts.

Fabric in “Cuddly&Snuggly” inserts is isolating baby's skin from the moisture to a large extend. This way baby doesn’t feel that the diaper is wet as much as if it would be bamboo or other type of fabric.

“Cuddly&Snuggly” inserts fabric don’t contain lead, BPA, phthalates or other harmful chemical substances.


Compositions 100% Organic Cotton
Dimensions length: 33cm (13") width: 10cm (3.95") in the middle, 12,5cm (4.9") at the ends
Care instructions Wash in 60'C (140'F), tumble dryer safe.
Before the first use Wash at least 3 times for better absorbency. Insert reaches its full absorbency after 6-8 washing cycles.
Certificates Oeko-Tex Standard

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