Littleberry story or how it all began

Littleberry is a family owned company established in late 2017 when we were expecting our youngest daughter.

But it all actually started in 2009 when Elina’s second daughter was about to be born. The interest in more sustainable choice in babycare was always there, so Elina was looking around for different possibilities and found good looking and functional cloth nappies in Australia at that time, so first experience using cloth diapers was there and so was the idea - we should make our own product with more natural fabrics in the same time keeping the idea of fashion close! 


However Elina got back to work and never made the idea happen. Later in 2012, when expecting the third daughter the feeling about using cloth nappies was natural and not questionized, so different brand cloth nappies were tried. At that time idea of our own brand was re-born, one product was even made and tested, and there was an idea of a brand name combining Elina’s first and second daughter’s names. But! Timing was so early for this kind of product in Latvia and there was an offer for Elina to continue the carreer in marketing field and it was fashion company, taking care about sustainability and consciousness! How could one resist it, if fashion is ones passion!?


Inese Kalnina_foto_IMG_9693.jpg


5 years later 4th daughter was about to be born and the idea about cloth nappies naturally was re-born. 


This time it had to be for real! There was the experience of marketing, some knowledge of fashion and most of all - a big wish to create a better world, if even only around us. 


When we finally launched the brand, in the beginning we collected the most beautiful and natural fabrics, found a talented tailor who could make the dream about fashionable cloth diaper come true and started to make the prototype. 

After a few feeks our first diaper was ready and we started to test it on our little daughter. We also found ten other parents with babies in ages 1-12 months and gave our nappies for testing. 


Some months later the final product prototype was there, we launched social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), then Etsy shop with our first collection (Pastels and touch of red) and started to sell. Surprisingly people went to order directly in Instagram and also Facebook and only a few chose Etsy.


In 2018 Elina was in her final stage of Master studies for MBA and a choice was made that the thesis of MBA will be about Littleberry cloth diapers. Huge work was done in the field of research for cloth diaper history, disposable diapers and how those became popular and after all of that - strategy for Littleberry brand was made and now we had full vision and steps on how to move forward with the brand development.


In November 2018 the online shop was launched and so was the second collection “Forest treasures”. 


All products have been made and tested by our little daughter Silvija and she has been also modelling for product photo shoots. 

We are so blessed and happy that the brand is perceived so well and the interest is so high in our products, that we are continiously inspired for development of the brand, new collections and product extensions in nearest future.


Now, when our little baby boy has arrived to the family, customers can expect bigger focus on designs and products for boys, too!


We are truly inspired of the current results and great response from our customers, and even more we are inspired of how our own everyday life has changed - our thinking of recycling, reusing, decreasong amount of trash and so much more. 


Our future plans are bright, and we do believe that with hard work and devotion it will all come true and lead us towards a better future where idea about reusable products is the first one that comes into people minds!


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