Littleberry pull-on pants (cover)

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Littleberry pull on pants are a 3-in-1 system, which means you'll need pull-on pants cover + nappy base + insert of your choice to make the pull-on pants complete.

Littleberry pull-on pants consist of:

• outside: please choose your favorite design between all given choices. It's 100% organic cotton (Ms. La Dolce Vita, Mr. Côte d'Azur ) or 97% cotton corduroy and 3% elastan (all other colors)

• inside: please choose between terry/PUL, 100% cotton velour or 100% merino wool,


Inserts and nappy base should be bought separately!!!

When You buy, please choose the size You need and inside material you wish!


Littleberry pull-on pants available in 2 different sizes: 

- size 3 (9-14 kg, waist measure up to 50cm, tigh measure up to 25cm)

- size 3+ (13+ kg, waist measure up to 57cm, tigh measure up to 32cm)


Product care and usage information is provided under the section LEARN, but if You have any other questions already now, feel free to ask!