Littleberry Cloth Nappy base for inserts, merino wool

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The product here is nappy insert base ("Laivi┼ća" ielikt┼ćiem") which you can snap in Littleberry nappy cover and then put inside the insert.

This one is made of merino wool, therefore before using should be lanolized to become moisture absorbent!

The base will protect the diaper cover from getting wet and hold moisture longer time. For the new Littleberry covers and new type of inserts we suggest to use the base to make your nappy/diaper complete.

It consists of:

• 100% merino wool (antibacterial material)


1st picture shows the nappy base from merino wool and insert in it, the 2nd image shows just the merino wool nappy base and 3rd image shows a nappy and snap places where the nappy base should be added+ 4th picture shows an example how a nappy base looks into the nappy cover.

2 different sizes available:

  • size 1 (newborn up to 6-7kg)
  • size 2/3 (frm 6kg - 14kg)


Nappy cover and inserts should be bought separately. The good news here - You can use any kind of inserts you want.


Product care and usage information is to be found under section LEARN, but if You have any questions already now, feel free to ask!