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dChristmas is a time of wonders - we all wait for little or big wonders, we try to be better, get better, do better.

Also we at Littleberry team feel this is the right time to GIVE something to the cloth nappy community, that is why we start the initiative with different giveaways - just for free! Inspire, and choose yours!


This is Your chance to get a free consultation, asking up to 20 questions via e-mail about cloth nappies & accessories range.

We'll gladly answer and guide you in the cloth nappies world and tell more about what Littleberry products are, how they differ from others, what kind of system is a Littleberry nappy etc.

Languages available: Latvian and/ or English

Simply add this "item" to cart, leave your e-mail and we'll get back to you & you can meanwhile prepare all the questions you have!


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