About Littleberry

Lifestyle concept store for sustainable living.

We are a family owned business designing and producing beautiful and high quality cloth diapers and babycare accessories in Latvia, Northern Europe. Growing and developing, we have added other well known, high quality brands with sustainability in mind to give you the opportunity to shop several favorite brands at one place!

We started to write the story of Littleberry when our youngest daughter was about to be born.Our idea was that our little one should only be wearing cloth diapers instead of disposable ones and actually we could make our own cloth nappies for our little daughter for which we could carefully choose materials and be close with the production process which would be all hand made. When this idea became reality, we started to test and adjust the product and our Silvia was always the first one to get another new cloth diaper.

Now with Silvia's little brother onboard we have already two little ones testing and trying all the new brands and product arrivals!

Today we are ready to offer not only our wonderful handmade products, but also many beloved brand products at our shop!