LittleBerry Cloth Nappy Mr. Dark Blue

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Littleberry nappies are a SIO (snap-in-one) system, which means you'll need a cover nappy + insert of your choice to make the cloth diaper complete.

The product here is Littleberry cover nappy and consists of:

• Minkee (made of 100% polyester), and inside layer is PUL covered with 100% cotton terry

Inserts should be bought separately.

When You buy, please choose the size You need!

Littleberry is available in following sizes: 

- newborn(2.5-4.5kg)

- Size 1 (4-6.5 kg)

- Size 2 (6-10 kg)

- Size 3 (9-14 kg)

Product care and usage information is provided under the section learn, but if You have any other questions already now, feel free to ask!

NB! The inside photo is just to illustrate the inside layer look, the color will be like on the outside layer.