LittleBerry Cloth Nappy Mr. Dark Blue

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Littleberry nappies are a SIO (snap-in-one) system, which means you'll need a cover nappy + insert of your choice to make the cloth diaper complete.

The product here is Littleberry cover nappy and consists of:

• Minkee (made of 100% polyester), and inside layer is PUL covered with 100% cotton terry

Inserts should be bought separately.

When You buy, please choose the size You need!

Littleberry is available in following sizes: 

- newborn(2.5-4.5kg)

- Size 1 (4-6.5 kg)

- Size 2 (6-10 kg)

- Size 3 (9-14 kg)

Product care and usage information is provided under the section learn, but if You have any other questions already now, feel free to ask!