Littleberry cloth nappies care & use info

Littleberry is available in following sizes:

  • newborn (2.5-4.5 kg)
  • Size 1 (4-6.5 kg)
  • Size 2 (6-10 kg)
  • Size 3 (9-14 kg)

The product consists of:

VERSION A - mixed materials:

  • cover nappy (made of: cotton and inside layer is PUL covered with cotton) 
  • inserts, 2 pcs (made of: cotton terry + the top layer is covered with micro fleece so that wet goes through and never comes back)

VERSION B - all 100% natural materials:

  • cover nappy (made of: 100% cotton and inside layer is 100% wool) 
  • inserts, 2 pcs (made of: 100% cotton terry + the top layer is covered with 100% wool so that wet goes through and never comes back)

Usage & suggestions for care:

The cover nappy is ready to be worn straight away.

However for the inserts we suggest to wash those at least once. Terry cotton functions at it’s best when it has been washed at least 3-5 times.

Washing and tumble dry: You can wash the cover nappy together with inserts and other clothes, but to get best results we suggest to unsnap the inserts from the cover nappy and put into washer one by one. The suggested temperature is 30-40 C to keep the fabric colors longlasting, however it is ok to wash at 60 degrees C, too. You can also tumble dry both the cover nappy and the inserts, but please choose low or medium tumble dry option.

Please DO NOT use the laundry softener, as it will mess the absorbency for inserts.

Suggestions & advice:

  • Ironing is not necessary.
  • The black/green color part of the insert already ensures that the nappy doesn’t get dirty so quickly, but You can also use the paper liners on top (see in eco stores).
  • When wet and dirty you can put the nappy into the wet bag or a place where it’s isolated for not more than 24-48 hours of time. To avoid the unpleasant smell, we suggest to spray the nappy with ecological detergent.


We do hope Your little one will enjoy the nappy and totally love it as we do already!

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