Free rent of Littleberry nappy set, pay only deposit & shipping

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Christmas is a time of wonders - we all wait for little or big wonders, we try to be better, get better, do better.

Also we at Littleberry team feel this is the right time to GIVE something to the cloth nappy community, that is why we start the initiative with different giveaways - just for free! Inspire, and choose yours!


This is Your chance to get a free rent for 1 MONTH PERIOD of a Littleberry nappy set - a nappy cover, a nappy insert base and an insert set of your choice. You should only pay deposit which is even a little less than if you would buy the set straight away.

This is an excellent chance to get to know our nappies and test & try if these fit your baby needs.

Simply choose in following steps:

- choose the design of the nappy cover, choose the size;

- choose according size for the nappy insert base;

- choose the insert set you would want to try and choose the size.


1. add this free gift to the cart,

2. write your choices in message to us,

3. leave your address,

4. choose the shipping option,

5. pay the deposit.

We'll get the package sent out within 3-5 working days.


After you have used the nappy for 1 month, you can decide - if it's just you were looking for, you keep the nappy.

If you feel, you would rather want to give it back, you ship it back to us and once we receive it, we will transfer the deposit back to you.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!