We believe that cloth nappies are not only an alternative to disposable diaper in a category of hygiene product, but also a fashionable piece of clothing. And as fashion, it should be trendy which means following the latest trends in design, materials, fabrics and ways of manufacturing.

We launched our 1st collection in Spring, 2018 and just now we are ready with our 2nd collection. Time to time there will also be limited editions such as Holiday specials or organic materials only. Follow the news, have a look at our designs and inspire for the perfect diaper for your little one!

2nd collection: Forest treasures

Author: ilovelittleberry.com
Our 2nd collection, called "Forest treasures" is a collection of cotton velvet and printed organic cotton fabrics, featuring in total 12 designs. The theme is life in woods, the wooden creatures, the feelings all around it and treasures that forest gives - tasty berries, beautiful animals, unforgettable colors and combinations.    …

Our very 1st collection: pastels and a touch of red

First collection, created in early beginning of 2018, is our launch of cloth nappies brand Littleberry. The idea is to capture pastel colors for everyday use and brighten it up with a touch of red. Each of the nappies has its own name - Ms. Marshmallow, Mr. Midnight Blues, Mr. Cappuccino, Ms. Snow White and our headliner - Mr. Red red circles.    …